Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

Hair Loss

Ancient Times

The first known testimony of hair loss treatment goes back to around 1550 BC. In the Ebers papyrus from ancient Egypt we can find the first written references to hair loss treatment. Even the Bible contains references to hair loss and the importance of hair for men. Everybody knows the story of Samson and Delilah, where the power of man is identified with long hair. There’s also a reference in the Books of Samuel to the prophet Elisha, who was bald.

In ancient Rome, it is mentioned that Julius Caesar used Egyptian recipes against hair loss.

Ancient Greece

Later, in Ancient Greece, around 400 BC the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, makes the observation that eunuchs, if castrated before puberty, do not develop androgenetic alopecia, thereby documenting for the first time the relationship of baldness with the effect of male hormones after puberty. He also proposed methods of treatment with herbs known at the time.

Modern Times

During the Middle Ages, the drug of choice for hair loss treatment was cow saliva, a belief that has survived to this day. The modern era of hair transplantation starts in 1939 in Japan, with dermatologist Dr. Okuda who performed hair transplantation with skin grafts and published his results, covering 200 cases of patients, in a Japanese medical journal. Unfortunately, because of the language barrier and the intervention of the 2nd World War, the work of Dr. Okuda remained unknown for more than 20 years. Surgical scalp restoration to treat androgenetic alopecia was first introduced in the USA in 1960, by Dr Norman Orentreich. He studied the regions where hair follicles can be extracted and implanted and demonstrated that hairs taken from the occipital region of the scalp (back of the head) will not fall out after implantation, introducing the terms ‛donor’ and ‛receptor’ zone.

Hair Transplant - The Techniques

Old techniques

New techniques

Alternative techniques

Alternative donors

Hair Transplant

plastic surgeon dr anastasios vekris

Dr. Anastasios Vekris, Plastic Surgeon
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REAL People - REAL Results

FUE hair transplant with 5.462 hair grafts. Before and after treatment, front. Result 002
FUE hair transplant with 3.481 hair grafts. Before and after treatment. Result 009.
FUE hair transplant with 2.496 hair grafts. Before and after treatment. Result 033.
FUE hair transplant with 2.026 hair grafts. Before and after treatment. Result 035.
FUE hair transplant with 3.820 hair grafts. Before and after treatment. Result 027.
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