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    2.318 hair follicles

    Treatment FUE hair transplantation
    Number of hair follicles 2.318
    Number of hair 4.103
    Days of treatment 1
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    2.287 hair follicles

    Treatment FUE hair transplantation
    Number of hair follicles 2.287
    Number of hair 5.511
    Days of treatment 1
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    3.850 hair follicles

    Treatment FUE hair transplantation
    Number of hair follicles 3.850
    Number of hair 8.565
    Days of treatment 2
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    1.820 hair follicles

    Treatment Unshaven FUE hair transplantation
    Number of hair follicles 1.820
    Number of hair 4.145
    Days of treatment 1
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    2.543 hair follicles

    Treatment FUE hair transplantation
    Number of hair follicles 2.543
    Number of hair 5.403
    Days of treatment 2
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    2.577 hair follicles

    Treatment FUE hair transplantation
    Number of hair follicles 2.577
    Number of hair 6.173
    Days of treatment 1


Real patients

  • FUE Hair Transplant – Result 042
  • FUE Hair Transplant – Result 085
  • FUE Hair Transplant – Result 107
  • FUE Hair Transplant – Result 037
  • FUE Hair Transplant – Result 090
  • FUE Hair Transplant – Result 089
  • FUE Beard Transplant – Result 009
  • FUE Eyebrow Transplant – Result 004
  • FUE Hair Transplant – Result 126
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Dr. Vekris, internationally renowned speaker and trainer at international hair transplantation conferences

Renowned in Greece and abroad, invited speaker and trainer in live workshops at international conferences, the Scientific Director of Advanced Hair Clinics and Director of CDM Medical Group Dr. Anastasios Vekris is one of the leading plastic surgeons specializing in hair transplantation. He is the only doctor who has performed hair transplant surgeries in 17 countries around the world!

In recent years, Dr. Vekris and his medical teams continue to lead the way by performing hair, genital and eyebrow transplantation in men and women and applying innovative techniques such as Unshaven FUE, Long Hair FUE and Afro Hair FUE.

His vast experience after tens of thousands of hair transplants, with over 30,000 hair transplants in patients from 80 countries, ranks him today at the top of the industry and sought after in Greece, Europe and many South American countries.


Direct graft placement with Sharp Implanter

At Advanced Hair Clinics we are the first in Europe and one of the few internationally to use the high-precision Sharp Implanter medical implantation device in hair transplantation. Why did we choose it?

  • The ultra-thin tip of the Sharp Implanter has a diameter of less than one millimetre
  • It does not destroy the hair follicles
  • Allows placement at the exact angle and direction we want for a natural look and density and with the least amount of bleeding and trauma to the skin
  • Drastically reduces the possibility of swelling in the head after surgery
  • Ensures a virtually immediate return to daily activities


Hair transplantation exclusively by doctors

At Advanced Hair Clinics, hair transplantation is a very serious matter that only concerns doctors. The head of the medical team of Advanced Hair Clinics is the Plastic Surgeon Dr. Anastasios Vekris, with experience of thousands of FUE hair transplant procedures in Greece and in many foreign countries (USA, Great Britain, France, Turkey, Cyprus, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait). Dr. Anastasios Vekris is one of the few Greek physicians who is a regular member of ISHRS(International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) and is invited every year to the world hair transplantation conferences to train physicians from all over the world in the new methods of Follicular Unit Extraction.

Dr. Vekris is one of the world’s leading physicians specializing in FUE hair transplantation. He has many years of experience in this technique and has trained Advanced Hair Clinics medical team members himself, as well as dozens of other physicians and their team members in many countries abroad. All transplantation procedures involving the transfer of individual hair follicles are performed by his team and under his supervision, which guarantees 100% success and a completely natural result.


Option to extract body & face hair grafts

We are probably the only clinic in Greece where our doctors apply with great success the technique of extracting body hair and face hair grafts in cases of poor donor countries. This is an innovative technique that provides a solution to people who wish to have hair transplantation but do not have sufficient donor head hair.

It is a very specialized and demanding technique therefore it is performed in a few clinics and by very experienced medical teams such as those of Advanced Hair Clinics.

In cases where hair follicles from areas other than the scalp are chosen, the plan is adjusted accordingly with hairline design and hair follicle distribution to create a better coverage effect. The result is satisfactory enhancement of density and hair growth even in cases where other groups would fail.


Hairline design: asymmetrically symmetrical placement

The hairline design makes the difference between a successful and “invisible” hair transplant and one with a fake and unnatural result. Our medical teams, led by the internationally renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Anastasios Vekris, redesign the natural hairline and its characteristics, personalizing the result:

  • asymmetrical symmetry in placement with a “jagged” line along the entire length of the hairline
  • taking into account the shape of the patient’s face, gender, age and race
  • consideration of the quality of the hair and the degree of hair loss and the potential of the donor country
  • for a natural result in the long term, the natural regression of the hairline over time must be taken into account.


Natural result: Personalized design based on age, face shape and other factors

The planning of hair follicle transfer to the recipient country is based on a careful assessment of age, face shape, gender, race, the number of grafts available and the patient’s expectations.

How we achieve the absolutely natural result:

  • airy placement
  • we follow the pattern of natural hair growth
  • the single and double hair follicles are implanted in the hairline for a natural-looking effect
  • multi hair follicles are implanted towards the centre of the scalp increasing and enhancing the existing hairline
  • the implantation pattern follows the “forest” philosophy, with thinner “trees” in the front and denser in the back
  • age and gender of the patient play a role in the design


Hairline design: the rule of 3/3

The three-thirds rule expresses the ideal person who should have equal proportions of:

  • The center of the hairline to the midriff
  • From the midline to the base of the nose
  • From the base of the nose to the centre of the chin

The lower limit in the hairline design may be higher or the same height but not lower than the centre of the natural hairline of the forehead.

Other ways to design the hairline are the line of existing hair or the distance of about 7-9 cm from the midface.


Hairline design: appropriate hair shape and appropriate distance from the eyes

The decision to design a natural hairline involves many measurements and conditions, such as the following:

  • The center of the hairline should be approximately 7-8 cm from the glabellag
  • The germination angles at the temples should be 0.5-1 cm above the hairline center of the forehead and the hairline should slightly exceed this line.
  • On the natural hairline, the germination angles at the temples are clearly defined

Another parameter in the choice of hairline design is the U-shape or V-shape, which depends on age, the natural hairline and the shape of the face.

Finally, the practitioner is asked to choose whether to follow a vertical line from the sides of the forehead to the edges of the eyes or the V-line.

It is all of these decisions that make hair transplantation not just a science but one of the Fine Arts, as Dr. Vekris points out in his presentations at international conferences.


Natural result with appropriate angle of graft placement and proper distribution

The angle of placement of the hair follicles depending on the point where they are placed and depending on their characteristics (single hair, double hair, etc.) plays a vital role in the natural result.

Equally important is the distribution of the hair follicles in the thinned areas so that the plastic surgeon can make the most of the available grafts to achieve the densest possible result:

  • Maximum density at the top of the head
  • Gradual decrease in density moving towards the boundaries of the grafting zone for a smooth “fade”
  • Blending of the implanted hair follicles with the existing hair


Unshaven FUE session for 100% discretion

The medical teams of Advanced Hair Clinics are among the few that successfully apply the very demanding Unshaven FUE method.

  • Ability to extract and transplant hair follicles only by triming the donor country
  • Placement of grafts without shaving the recipient country
  • Distinctive hair transplantation procedure
  • Immediate return to everyday life
  • Absolutely natural result


Long Hair FUE – Transplantation with long hair

Advanced Hair Clinics is one of the few -if not the only clinics in Greece- that successfully apply Long Hair FUE, the transplantation of long hair.

  • The extraction and implantation of hair follicles is performed without cutting the existing hair, no matter how long it is.
  • This technique requires great skill on the part of the doctor and technical knowledge to ensure optimal placement of the graft, with the correct direction and angle of insertion, for 100% natural results
  • Ideal for both men and women
  • Immediate return to daily life


Afro Hair FUE – Technique with special requirements

The medical team of Advanced Hair Clinics led by Dr. Anastasios Vekris applies FUE hair transplantation to patients of African descent.

Dr. Vekris is well versed in the peculiarities of hair follicle implantation in people of each race, with the African race having distinct differences from the Caucasian race in both hairline and hair type.


We stop further hair loss with targeted treatments

If hair loss is diagnosed early and treated appropriately, you may never need a hair transplant – or at least delay the need for one significantly. However, even if you have had a hair transplant, conservative treatment is necessary in order to preserve your existing and transplanted hair, as hair loss is normal and expected to continue to progress. It is important to remember that hair transplantation is not a cure for hair loss but restores density to thinning areas.

  • Our physicians evaluate the degree of hair loss and determine the causes in order to recommend the appropriate treatment plan for you
  • For hair loss there are different treatments that are recommended individually or in combination
  • Early initiation of treatment stops the progression of hair loss, regardless of its stage, and significantly delays the need for hair transplantation
  • Consistency in hair loss treatment is crucial to maintaining your existing hair for many years and the outcome of a successful hair transplant

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The best team with the best result whatever I say about my experience with Advance Hair Clinics will be an understatement. Excellent results plain and simple everything, professionals in their field and the awards they have received have shown it, simply the best in the world! And in addition to an excellent medical team, I personally made some very good friends.



I have a few words to say. The transplant I had was 100% successful. The results are truly spectacular. I didn’t expect something so terrible. Congratulations to all the doctors and staff who are excellent scientists and real people. Don’t even think about it – is the best gift for yourself.

nikos z

nikos z

A few months after the transplant, everyone says to me “This is the first time we have seen a hair transplant with such a natural result!”. Both the doctor and his team are professionals of the few, I don’t think it makes sense for anyone interested in getting a hair transplant in Greece to look anywhere else.



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At Advanced Hair Clinics we have the most modern diagnostic tools and apply the most advanced treatments, conservative or invasive, with excellent results even in the restoration of the most difficult cases of male and female hair loss.


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