Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp micro-dermabrasion treatment, also known as Scalp Micropigmentation or Medical Tattoo, is used to cover scars on the head and skin from accidents, surgery or other causes, as well as for aesthetic reasons such as covering hair thinning. It is a specialized procedure that requires special skill and experience and involves the intradermal injection of tiny particles of pigment into the areas of the scalp where the problem is located. The quality in the final result depends on the use or not of the latest generation of technological equipment, on the choice of the ideal pigment to match the skin and hair type and finally, it depends on the technique and experience of the specialist who will apply it.

At Advanced Hair Clinics, the Scalp Micropigmentation method is specifically tailored to the needs and specifics of each patient so that the result is the desired one, offering the image of a shaved/shaven scalp and covering the most difficult cases of scarring.

Scalp Micropigmentation


The procedure

Usually, 3-4 sessions are required for the completion of the treatment, depending on the specific needs of each patient, the shade and extent of the area we wish to cover. Initially, a consultation session is held with the physical presence of the person concerned. However, it is also possible to have a consultation session via video call, email, Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp and Viber. During the consultation stage, our qualified doctors and nursing staff provide all the necessary information, examine your needs and design a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

How medical tattooing (Scalp micropigmentation) is done

Number of sessions

During the 1st session the planning is done and the scalp micropigmentation is started in a conservative way and always taking into account the needs and wishes of the person concerned. In most cases, the treatment is completed in 3 sessions. The additional sessions enable us to create the illusion of shadow and texture, fill the area with more detail and achieve natural results of immediate coverage even in advanced stages of hair loss.

Medical tattoo is used to cover head scars, as well as hide hair thinning


Although the number of modern treatments available to treat hair thinning is large, the non-invasive Scalp Micropigmentation method is becoming increasingly popular, especially for those who wish to:

  • Have the look of a “freshly-shaved” head
  • Thicken the hairline and / or partially or completely of bold areas of the scalp
  • Have thicker Eyebrows – Eyebrow Micropigmentation
  • Enhance the aesthetic effect of Hair Transplantation – Combination Therapy
  • Cover the symptoms of Alopecia
  • Cover large, deformed scars resulting from failed Hair Transplantation Interventions – FUT Scar Restoration
  • Restore a burn or scar
  • Improve an older Scalp Micropigmentation result

Other cases of application

The Scalp Micropigmentation method also addresses to:

  • People at a very early stage of hair loss
  • People with a fully depleted or inadequate donor area for which Hair Transplantation is impossible
  • People suffering from Androgenetic Alopecia – Male Hair Loss
  • People suffering from Female Hair Loss

“Why would I choose medical tattoo?”

At Advanced Hair Clinics, one of the most modern and specialized Hair Transplant clinics around the world, the Scalp Micropigmentation medical tattoo treatment is applied in combination with the FUE Hair Transplant technique, enhancing the appearance of the scalp in terms of density and giving a three-dimensional feeling of short-cropped hair follicles on the flat tattoo dots.

Benefits of medical tattoo

  • Immediately visible result

  • Non-invasive procedure

  • Immediate return to work

Results & Contraindications

After each Scalp Micropigmentation session, the patient may experience minor hematoma and irritation, symptoms which will subside in the following days. Upon completion of the last session, any discomfort will gradually subside, and the result becomes more and more natural. No recovery time is required, so the individual can immediately return to their daily activities without the Scalp Micropigmentation application being noticed.

The result of the medical tattoo becomes visible immediately after the last session is completed. However, over the next 3-6 months, the scalp’s appearance improves as the tattoo pigment dots decrease in size, revealing a completely realistic result. It is important to protect the area from exposure to sunlight to avoid altering the colour of the tattoo, a phenomenon known as bleaching.