Month-to-month Hair Transplantation

If you have had or are planning to have a hair transplant, it is important to know some basic facts: When the final result will be seen, how your new hair is growing month by month, and whether the growth rate is normal compared to other patients. So here’s what you need to know about how your new hair develops month by month until the growth is complete.

Month-to-month Hair Transplantation

The two factors that determine the equation of transplanted hair growth are the following:

Regrowth + Maturation = New natural hair

Maturation refers to the evolution of the quality of the transplanted hair. A hair transplant reaches its final stage of development when all new hairs have sprouted on the scalp and each hair has fully matured, now having healthy thickness, natural texture and color.

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What to expect per month after transplant

Hair transplantation is completed in a few hours, but it will take about 8-12 months to see the final result. During this time, the transplanted hair goes through various stages which it is important to be aware of and know what to expect.

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The course of hair maturation over the next 12 months

When we talk about the maturation of transplanted hair, we refer to the acquisition of the natural colour, the growth of the diameter and thickening as well as their natural appearance.

The hairs that regrow between the 3rd and 5th month start to grow one centimetre every month, but they are still thin and weak.

By the 6th month, about 40-50% of the hairs have begun to mature, the first aesthetic benefits are visible and patients can style their hair as they like! However, the new hairs are still thinner than the rest and have not fully acquired their natural appearance.

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Although the patient satisfaction rate at this stage is high, only approximately 50%-60% of the hairs have grown and the hairs are still thinner and slightly different in appearance compared to the other non-transplanted hairs. This will continue until the 8th month.

Then, between the 9th and 12th month, the hairs enter the final maturation stage. Almost all of the new hairs have appeared on the scalp and are now fully attaining their natural colour, the shaft is thicker, the hair looks thicker and gradually begins to become indistinguishable in texture from the rest of the hair.

In the vast majority of patients, final results are seen at 12 months. Regrowth has been achieved in 100% of the hairs, which have regained their natural colour, are thick and look the same as the rest.

However, you should remember that every body is different. What we are reporting is the average: in some patients the new hair grows faster, while in others it grows more slowly. As long as you follow the doctor’s instructions and the conservative treatment he has recommended, you will soon be enjoying your new look!

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