FUE Eyebrow Transplant

Thin or thick eyebrows, well-grown or completely natural… Fashion trends for eyebrows are changing and most women follow them. But eyebrows suffer and after some time, either due to waxing or simply due to age, gaps and loss of hairs in strategic places can be noticed. In addition, injuries or burns lead to scarring and loss of hair on the eyebrows. Nowadays it is easy to correct the appearance of eyebrows in all these cases. The solution is offered by eyebrow implantation with the FUE technique that can achieve partial or total restoration and provide you with eyebrows that fit your face, “fill in” gaps and restore their lost density.

FUE Eyebrow Implantation - How it is done

Who it is for

The restoration of eyebrow hair is applied in every case of thinning and can even be done in cases of alopecia alopecia in the eyebrows, provided that the damage is localized and stable for more than a year. Also, eyebrow implantation can be a permanent solution to restore the density of the eyebrows in pathological conditions of hair loss, as in the case of hypothyroidism.

FUE eyebrow implantation can be performed on men and women of any age, although most cases of eyebrow reconstruction involve women aged 30-50 years old. FUE eyebrow implantation is the recommended technique for hair restoration in the area, as it is a minimally invasive method using micro instruments to avoid tissue removal and subsequent scarring of the skin.

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After the application of the FUE technique for eyebrow implantation, the appearance of new hairs begins gradually in the following days and the final result appears relatively early, within 4-6 months, due to the rich blood supply of the area. The sprouting of new hairs continues even 12 months after the procedure.

Benefits FUE Eyebrow Transplant

  • Painless and fast procedure

  • Applied under local anaesthesia in the doctor’s office

  • Impressively natural result