Hair Loss DNA Test

Hair Loss DNA Test
Genetic testing for alopecia - DNA test
hair loss dna test - IRF4 - hair greying
Hair Greying IRF4
hair loss dna test - PRSS53 - hair texture
Hair Texture PRSS53
hair loss dna test - EDAN - hair thickness
Hair Thickness EDAN

The main form of scalp pathogenesis is Alopecia

dna test for hair loss

The Genes

Genetic Testing for Androgenetic Alopecia

Genetic testing for Greying

Genetic Testing for Beard Thickness

Genetic Testing for Eyebrow Thickness

Techniques and Methods in the field of Molecular Biology

A total of almost 500 different DNA regions are being tested and analyzed, providing significant information regarding the underlying genetic predisposition to hair loss.

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Techniques and Methods in the field of Molecular Biology

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