FUT Strip Scars Restoration

Hair transplantation with the strip technique or FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) is an outdated hair transplantation technique. Its main disadvantage is that it leaves a permanent scar at the back of the head in the donor area. In recent years, the FUT technique has been rapidly declining as the less invasive FUE technique, which leaves no scars or scars, has become popular.

It is estimated that 35-40% of patients who go to a plastic surgeon or dermatologist for hair transplantation have previously undergone one or more Strip or FUT procedures. Of these, about half of them proceed to FUT Strip scar restoration.

FUT Strip Scars Restoration

Patients who underwent FUT – Strip technique

  • 20% have malformed scars after surgery and
  • 40% resort to FUE Hair Transplantation