Dr Vekris on Advanced FUE - PLAYBOY FEB 2012

Dr Vekris on Advanced FUE - PLAYBOY FEB 2012

At Playboy February 2012 issue you can find the article by Dr. Anastasios Vekris titled: “Problem: Hair Loss Solution: Hair Transplant”. It is generally known that the grey temples add charm to every man, unfortunately it is not the same for the case of “empty” temples. One of the most common anxieties of older men is the fear of acquiring a “bald” spot. Nowadays the solution is much simpler than everyone thinks.

The fear of becoming bald

It is estimated that 1 in 2 men will face a problem of hair loss or baldness in his lifetime. “Especially in men, the most common cause of hair loss is heredity. In addition the fast pace of life, stress, poor diet habits and the environmental contamination may play a role in increasing the number of men with hair loss problems in recent years” as Dr. Anastasios Vekris suggests. Hair loss is not only an aesthetic problem, but also has serious effects on individuals’ psychology,and according to psychological researches hair loss leads to reduced self-esteem and negative influence on personal, social and professional relationships. And of course baldness ages men.

There is a solution

Nowadays skilled dermatologists or plastic surgeons through the proper diagnosis and an appropriate medication are able to delay the progression of hair loss. But what about those people who are already suffering from baldness? For these cases there is a definite permanent solution today, and this is Hair Transplant. The most advanced method is called FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and involves the transfer of healthy hair follicles, one by one, from the back of the head to the bald spots needed. This transfer is done easily and painlessly under local anesthesia, without removing the skin and without causing permanent marks or scars. The transplanted hair grow naturally and provide a permanent and natural coverage. FUE technique does not require any hospitalization or absence from work, as no later than 1 week men patients are back to their normal life activities. The results gradually become visible within a few months after surgery and the final result is permanent.

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