June 5, 2012

Dr. Anastasios Vekris participation in 19th ISHRS Congress

The 19th World Congress of ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery), held from 14-18 September 2011 in Anchorage, Alaska, USA, was completed successfully.

The conference was attended by hundreds of delegates from around the world, while the biggest names in the field of hair transplant surgery worldwide participated in the congress with highly interesting assignments.

Greece was represented in the Congress by Dr. Anastasios Vekris, Plastic Surgeon and Scientific Director of Advanced Hair Clinics. Dr. Vekris participated as an invited speaker at the roundtable on "Unique issues in ethnic transplantation" theme, where he presented to a packed audience his experience in hair transplant with FUE method concerning patients from around the world and the differences between different ethnic groups.

The speech of Dr. Vekris won the audience's applause and positive feedback from leading hair transplant surgeons who attended, such as Dr John Cole, a pioneer hair transplant surgeon from the U.S. and Dr Francisco Himenez, president of the next world conference that will be held on the Bahamas in October 2012.

During the conference, Dr. Vekris also had the opportunity to follow and discuss with experts from around the world, the latest developments in the field of hair transplant and the treatment of androgenetic alopecia. The participants showed special interest in the new automated FUE techniques (automated & robotic FUE systems) as well as in new, promising treatments i.e. the application of biological components (Acell).


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