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Advanced Hair Clinics, member of Cosmetic Derma Medicine Medical Group, is a highly specialized hair transplantation clinic, 4 times awarded as International Hair Clinic of the Year (IMTJ Medical Travel Awards 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020).

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Advanced Hair Clinics, member of Cosmetic Derma Medicine Medical Group, is a highly specialised hair transplantation clinic, triply awarded as International Hair Clinic of the Year (IMTJ Medical Travel Awards 2016, 2017, 2019). In Advanced Hair Clinics we apply the most up-to-date diagnostic tests and treatments, either conservative or invasive, that effectively fight and restore even the most challenging cases of male and female hair loss.

Under the medical direction of the internationally renowned Plastic Surgeon Dr. Anastasios Vekris (Member of ISHRS) our medical team makes its services available in five clinics in Attica (Ilisia, Glyfada, Kifissia, Peristeri, Piraeus), one clinic in Thessaloniki, one clinic in Patras, one clinic in Heraklion, one clinic in Rhodes and two clinics in Cyprus (Limassol & Nicosia).

Our services:

In cases of androgenetic and other forms of alopecia, FUE & Unshaven FUE hair transplantation offer maximum density and natural-looking, permanent results without causing any linear scars or marks. Thinning in the chin, the moustache and its connection to the beard, the cheeks, the sideburns and any combination of these areas, is resolved thanks to FUE beard transplant. FUE eyebrow transplant is addressed to people who suffer from congenital absence of the eyebrows, to people who wish to cover scars from accidents or burns and to people who have excessively thinned eyebrows due to waxing, chemical peeling or ageing. The restoration of Strip scars can be achieved with FUE hair transplant. The non-invasive hair loss treatment with autologous growth factors offers very good results in even difficult and severe cases.

We are devoted in providing exceptional medical services, having taken into consideration the needs, concerns and aspirations of our patients. Thanks to our extensive and proven experience in the field of hair loss diagnosis, treatment and restoration, we have managed not only to offer optimum solutions to even the most demanding hair loss cases, but most importantly to restore our patients’ confidence.

Our Medical Team

Well-established scientists with vast experience and proven expertise

plastic surgeon dr anastasios vekris

Dr. Anastasios Vekris

Plastic Surgeon, MD
dermatologist venereologist dr amalia tsiatoura

Dr. Amalia Tsiatoura

dermatologist venereologist dr konstantina mamali

Dr. Konstantina Mamali

plastic surgeon dr ioannis dalianoudis

Dr. Ioannis Dalianoudis

Plastic Surgeon

Our Services are available in 11 points in Greece and Cyprus

Our Clinics

Training - Partnering Opportunities

Advanced Hair Clinics provides cooperation and training opportunities to doctors and nurses who are interest in our treatments. Moreover, Advanced Hair Clinics is open to cooperation with professionals or clinics. Our collaboration options are:

Operation of local representation and consultation offices​

1. Operation of local representation and consultation offices​

Operation of local representation and consultation offices under the brand name of Advanced Hair Clinics. The offices will consult prospective patients, will perform pre-operative assessment, will apply post-operative follow up assessment and will schedule the sessions. The hair transplantation sessions will take place in a selected Advanced Hair Clinics surgical location.

2. Prospective clients’ referrals​​

Prospective clients’ referrals can take place on behalf of:
plastic surgeons
Plastic Surgeons
hair dressers
Hair Dressers
Prospective clients’ referrals​​
strategic planning and training

3. Strategic planning and Training​

It can be offered strategic planning and training of newly founded hair transplantation clinics, located internationally. Theoretical and practical training is provided in the following sectors:

  • Organisation
  • Management
  • Marketing/Sales
  • Consultation
  • Doctors & nurses’ training

Medical Teams' Training on FUE Hair Transplant

Theoretical & hands-on training on FUE hair transplantation.

Medical professionals such as Doctors, nurses, technicians, have the chance to participate in a theoretical & practical educational program that includes workshops and hands-on training guided by our highly experienced medical team.

medical teams training

The exact terms of agreement and cooperation, the training protocols, the cost and all the relevant details will be made available to the ones that formally express their interest. For further information please contact the managing team of Advanced Hair Clinics.

Medical Teams's Training on Advanced FUE Hair Transplant

In Advanced Hair Clinics, a great number of doctors and nurses coming from every corner of the world, has been trained on FUE Hair Transplant, under the medical supervision of Dr. Anastasios Vekris, Plastic Surgeon and member of  ISHRS.

  • fue training with dr anastasios vekris
    Dr. Vekris and Dr. Andriopoulou with Dr. Martina Šarec Ivelj and Dr. Zlatko Kljajić
  • fue training with dr anastasios vekris
    Dr. Vekris with Dr. Hani Farhat David
  • fue training with dr anastasios vekris
    Dr. Vekris and Mrs Agiant with Dr. Tanja Radenkov
  • fue training with dr anastasios vekris
    Dr. Vekris with Dr. Luigi Lorenzo Vaira
  • fue training with dr anastasios vekris
    Dr. Vekris with Dr. Georgios Ziakas

Training - Partnering Form

Awards - Certifications

Advanced Hair Clinics

Advanced Hair Clinics, the leading Hair Transplant Clinic, 4 times awarded as International Hair Clinic of the Year at the IMTJ Medical Travel Awards in 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020.

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