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Which Hair Loss category do you fall in?

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Which Hair Loss category do I fall in?

Type 2: Slight recession of the hairline & the temples. Weakening density on the frontal area.

Type 3: Hairline becomes deeply recessed at both temples, resembling an M shape. Hair loss appearing on the crown or the vertex.

Type 4: Severe hairline recession. Sparse hair or no hair on the vertex. The two affected areas are separated by a band of hair.

Type 5: The vertex and the hairline remain separated by a swath of hair, but separation is far-less distinct.

Type 6: Vertex & hairline are mostly joined, with only fine sprigs of hair remaining on top of the head in small patches.

Type 7: The most severe stage of hair loss. Only a band of hair going around the sides of the head remains.

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