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Thank you for choosing Advanced Hair Clinics. Our consultants are by your side, offering you comprehensive information and the best possible experience. From the diagnosis, the selection of the appropriate treatment solution, to the achievement of the final result, they stand by your side, ensuring that you receive excellent services, with efficiency and safety.

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Advanced Hair Clinics has a specialized and experienced scientific team. Our consultants, in direct contact with our medical team, offer a personalized informational session (online or in person) and examine your case thoroughly, in order to provide you with a result that meets your expectations.

Our medical team applies the most modern and safe methods, utilizing high-tech means. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of hair transplantation and having been awarded internationally for our high-quality medical services, you can be sure that you receive holistic care.

Important: Our consultants will present you with an attractive offer at a significantly lower cost, compared to other clinics from developed European countries.

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Experienced, renowned scientists provide a solution to the problem of hair loss.

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