Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment
Hair loss treatment is based on patient's history.

Hair Loss Treatment with Medications & Conservative Therapies

Medications that fight hair loss are:

Hair loss treatment with minoxidil

Conservative treatments that fight hair loss are:

Conservative hair loss treatment

Conservative Hair Loss Treatments

Supportive to the conservative treatments are a number of products, mainly shampoos, lotions or ampoules with nutrients, nutritional supplements with vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, etc. Generally, the efficacy of these elements in the treatment of hair loss is controversial, but it is thought that a proper and balanced diet, rich in fibers and vitamins mainly from group B, trace elements like zinc and natural products such as aloe, contribute to hair’s proper nutrition and health.

Also, in people with sensitive, thin and weak hair with a hereditary hair loss history, it is generally recommended to use mild, pH-neutral shampoos suitable for daily use.

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