UT technique (Follicular Unit Transplant) or Strip technique is an older method of hair transplant. Lately FUT technique tends to fall back, since it has been replaced by the minimally invasive FUE method. Actually FUE method presents very impressive results, without leaving any marks or scars behind.

    The most significant drawback of Strip/ FUT technique is that it leaves a permanent scar situated in the donor area at the back of one’s head. It is estimated that 35-40% of patients that address a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist for hair transplant, have already undergone one or more FUT hair transplants sessions and now wish to restore those large deformed scars.

FUT – Strip Patients’ Statistics

Decide to undergo FUE Hair Transplant

Have ugly scars

Methods of Fut Strip scar restoration

    Scar restoration after FUT technique is an extremely difficult and demanding procedure, that should be performed only by a specialized Plastic Surgeon who acquires relevant experience, as Dr Anastasios Vekris does. There are three basic methods for FUT-Strip scar restoration:

Fut Strip Scars restoration by applying excision of the scar and wound stitching with W-plasty technique
FUT Strip scars restoration by implanting hair follicles with FUE technique
Coverage of the Fut Strip scars with permanent medical tattoo (micropigmentation)