dermatologist dr amalia tsiatoura

Dermatologist Dr Amalia Tsiatoura

"A valid and comprehensive diagnosis is the key to treat hair loss effectively."

Dermatologist Dr Amalia Tsiatoura - Resume

Dr. Amalia Tsiatoura, dermatologist - venereologist is a graduate of the Medical School of the University of Ioannina and received her degree with a grade of ‛EXCELLENT’. She has worked for many years in the departments of Pathology and Anatomical Pathology at the University Hospital of Ioannina and completed her specialisation in dermatology-venereology at the largest Dermatology Hospital of Greece, the ‛Andreas Syggros’ Hospital of Cutaneous & Venereal Diseases, where she held the position of research assistant in the Peeling-Hyperhidrosis and Psoriasis Departments for many years as a specialised dermatologist and venereologist. She completed her postgraduate studies in Aesthetic Dermatology and Laser on scholarship at the University of Colorado Hospital, in Denver, Colorado, USA.

She is considered as one of the leading experts in aesthetic laser applications in Greece and Europe. She ranks among the founders of the Cosmetic Derma Medicine Medical Group, where she holds the position of Scientific Director of the Department of Dermatology-Venereology and laser applications. She is also a research associate at Advanced Hair Clinics as expert dermatologist for conservative treatments of hair loss.

She is an expert in Dermal Oncology and methods for dermoscopy and mole mapping, having completed extended training at the Dermatology Department of the University of Graz, Austria. Her PhD thesis is entitled: “Immunohistochemical study of angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis in basal cell and squamous cell skin carcinoma and precancerous skin lesions. Correlation with clinical parameters”. She has also participated as ‛investigator’ in many research protocols and clinical studies on psoriasis and other dermatological diseases.

Dr. Amalia Tsiatoura has published articles in many renowned international and Greek scientific journals and has been invited to participate as a speaker and moderator at numerous international and nationwide conferences on various subjects of clinical and aesthetic dermatology, such as hair loss, warts, acne, laser applications etc. She has published articles in daily newspapers and numerous magazines and has participated as a guest on many TV shows of medical interest.

During and after her specialisation, she has been honoured with several awards for the publication of her scientific papers at conferences, and in 2009 she was rewarded with a special scholarship in memory of Prof. I.D. Stratigos by the 3rd Clinic of the ‛A. Syngros’ Hospital. She is married and mother of 3 children.

Dr Amalia Tsiatoura - Certifications

  • dr amalia tsiatoura antiaging world congress
    δερματολόγος δρ αμαλία τσιατούρα imcas 2015
    dr amalia tsiatoura american academy of dermatology
  • δερματολόγος δρ αμαλία τσιατούρα antiaging world congress
  • δερματολόγος δρ αμαλία τσιατούρα imcas 2015
  • δερματολόγος δρ αμαλία τσιατούρα μελος american academy of dermatology

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